Kevin McElhone Mechanical Music
The Disc Musical Box - 496 Pages + DVD.

This book is to Celebrate 50 years of The Musical Box Society of Great Britain M.B.S.G.B.
and is a hardback A4 size book, printed in FULL Colour throughout on gloss paper.

£55 to non-members of MBSGB + Shipping - please send your address for a quote.
2 copies are about HALF the price in shipping per book - can you order jointly with someone near to you?

However, if you join for £24 a year UK / Europe or £32 a year rest of world you will get £5 off the price of the book.
see the Society website if you want to join Click here

I am the membership Secretary, so it could not be easier - you can join online.

The price is PLUS Shipping - please give your address for an inclusive price quote.
Paypal is available if you pay their 5% fees.
Also IBAN Bank Transfer or UK £ sterling Cheque.
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Please ask for a special deal on Multiple copies for re-sale by a commercial business or museum.

Book Chapter Headings are:-

1. A brief description and an overview of their history
2.Descriptions of the Instruments - History and models are described.
3. Table of Models - over 1,600 found.
4. Serial Numbers - of over 1,500 surviving instruments - can you add more ?
5. Tuning Scales - over 170 of those most commonly found.
6. Identification of Discs - over 350 types.
7. Tune Lists - four lists in the book, the rest will be on MBSGB Website.
8. Case Lid and Cabinet Pictures - over 400 different.
9. Patents - over 650 listed with websites for further study.
10. Storage of Discs or Music Sheets

There are 1,700 illustrations in the book.

1. Original Costs and Notes on Currency Conversion
2. Makers of New Discs, Bins, Instruments and Parts
3. Further Reading
4. Mechanical Music Societies
5. Mechanical Music Museums
6. Finding and Buying a Disc Musical Box
7. Sources used during preparation of this book
Index of Illustrations.

The DVD contains

A. 466 pages of scans of original makers catalogues
B. 211 pages of scanned makers tune lists.
C. 5 tune lists which are searchable in PDF form
D. 1,600 Musical Box Models searchable in PDF form
E. 1,100 illustrations which would not fit in the book.

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