Kevin McElhone Mechanical Music

I hold some instruments in stock but also sell instruments on commission for friends, customers and members.

Current list will indicate what is available now but do ask if you need a particular instrument and I will find one for you.

Manivelle from 1 to 4 tunes
Cylinder Musical Boxes Keywind and Lever Wind standard or with added Bells.
Disc Musical Box from 4 inch to 27 inch Diameter both Table-Top and Upright types.
Pianola and Player Pianos 58,65,73,88 note, Duo-Art, Ampico etc.
Player Reed Organ - Aeolian 46 and 58 note always available.
Chamber Barrel Organ and larger Pipe Organs
Reed Organette, Reed Barrel Organ, Roller Organ, Orguinette etc.